Extendicare St. Paul

In lives full of defining moments, we help create even more.

Whether it’s a brief encounter or a life changing event, these unique moments enrich lives. And we do everything we can to make them happen.

To give you an idea of how we can make a difference, here are Remarkable Moments from our home.

Our Defining Moments

Artist Puts Finishing Touches at Extendicare St. Paul

Artist puts finishing touch at Extendicare St. Paul’s landscape painting.
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In St. Paul we have been very fortunate to have an artist do a beautiful picture in our facility. Pat is the wife of one of our residents. In October she offered to do a landscape painting in the space previously occupied by our “smoking room”. As we no longer needed the smoke room, we took her up on her offer. The Extendicare Residents’ Council agreed to pay for the paint supplies to do the work.

The bonus in this process was the enjoyment that so many of our residents got out of watching the blank wall turn into something beautiful. Last week Pat added the finishing touch to the picture to include geese in the landscape.

Extendicare Coming Together and Making a Difference for Fort McMurray Fire Victims

Extendicare coming together and sharing our unique stories in making a difference for the Fort McMurray Fire Victims.
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The SGP Team and Partners Reach Out to Fort McMurray Fire Victims

On Wednesday May 4, 2016 , everyone had heard about the Fort McMurray fire. . As staff went about their business, a large number of people escaping the fire arrived at the Edmonton Radisson South looking for accommodation. They were accompanied by their families, pets, etc. Many had harrowing stories to share about their loss and the short window of time they had to escape from the fire. Usually at the end of the trade shows the vendors usually have food and non-food supplies leftover. This would include non-opened food, non-perishable food, dried fruit, granola bars, frozen meat products, etc. After reviewing the situation the SGP team spoke with the vendors and came up with a wonderful plan. They decided to donate the food to the chef in the kitchen so that he could cook up meals for the families that were there. The delegates were very supportive and appreciative. We would like to say kudos to the SGP team and the SGP partners for that wonderful gesture.

Extendicare Athabasca

Extendicare Athabasca was put on standby to accept evacuees and they received a call to take an evacuee that had been treated in hospital and needed a safe place to sleep. Many of their employees have been volunteering after work at their local reception centre which provides clothes, food etc.

Extendicare St. Paul

On Friday May 6th Extendicare St. Paul had pre-arranged a BBQ at the Co-op for their Food Bank Drive. Of course priorities change, and after speaking with their local food bank, they adjusted the fund raiser to be for the Fort McMurray relief as the local food bank was not currently in need. On Wednesday May 11th Extendicare St. Paul received a new admission, a woman from Ft. McMurray who received home care.

Extendicare West End Villa

The West End Villas Resident’s Council voted to donate all money raised from their Friday Breakfast Club to the Fort McMurray Fund. In addition staff and residents did an impromptu bake sale and all money raised was again donated to the Fort McMurray Fund. The total raised last Friday was $315!

Extendicare Leduc and Salem Manor

On May 3rd, 2016 Alberta Health Services asked if any of the Extendicare Edmonton area homes would be able to admit Long Term Care Residents due to the Fort McMurray evacuation. Extendicare Leduc welcomed four residents and Salem Manor welcomed three residents.

Extendicare Van Daele

The staff is coordinating a silent auction with items donated from businesses, fellow staff members and families.

Extendicare Bayview

On May 20th Extendicare Bayview hosted a fundraising BBQ and served up burgers, hot dogs to show support for Fort McMurray.

Sunrise Village Drayton Valley

As the town of Drayton Valley welcomed over 150 families to their town the team at Sunrise Village Drayton Valley came together and have extended an offering of a home cooked lunch three days a week. The team volunteers their time to put together a well thought out nutritious menu and has been delivering meals to those who have been affected.

Sunrise Village High River

At Sunrise Village High River they did an internal 50/50 draw as well as put their Jean Friday money towards the Fort McMurray fund.

Sunrise Village Olds

On May 28th, 2016 the Sunrise Village Olds staff hosted a BBQ at their local big park in Town.

Tendercare Living Centre

The staff at Tendercare will be doing a walkathon to commemorate senior’s month in Ontario and will be donating all the money towards Fort McMurray.

Villa Colombo

The staff at Villa Colombo held an ice cream sale and raffle to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross and Fort McMurray.


The ParaMed Calgary Branch held an in office bake sale to contribute to the Canadian Red Cross donations for Fort McMurray.

Residents Visit Local Farm

In July 2015, Stewart joined the Extendicare St. Paul team and invited residents to come to his hobby farm for a visit.
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In July 2015, Stewart joined the Extendicare St. Paul team and invited residents to come to his hobby farm for a visit. Excitement was abound on the day of the farm visit! Our residents along with a number of volunteers and staff piled on the bus for the “Country Tour”. At Stewart's farm, residents were glad to visit with his goats, pigs, donkeys and chickens. After visiting with the friendly animals, residents enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the farm's orchard and they also were able to enjoy picking berries. With Stewart's generosity and hospitality, the residents and staff of St. Paul had a fantastic summer outing.

Thank-you for your hospitality Stewart!

Pat Chychul

A Century of Memories

Ms. L celebrated her very special 100th birthday in July 2015.
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Extendicare St. Paul was honoured to host the 100th birthday party for Ms. L. Surrounded by her friends and family Ms. L celebrated her 100th birthday on July 19th. She was born with a fighting spirit. Her daughter Adeline described the birth of Ms. L to those gathered. When Ms. L's mother went into labour, she ventured out to get help from a nearby cousin. The cousin told Ms. L's mother to go back home and wait. However, on her way back home, Ms. L's mother gave birth in a field. Her mother wrapped her baby, Ms. L, in her skirt and walked another two miles for help. Ms. L was the first born of 10 children and lived in the Myrnam and St. Paul area her entire life.

Ms L married Mr. M at the age of 20 and they had one daughter Adeline. In 1964, she married Mr. L and they moved to St. Paul.

Ms. L is particular about her shoes and that probably comes from her many years working as a shoe clerk. First, at the People’s Store then at the St. Paul Co-op in the shoe department.

In her address at the party, Adeline recalled how Ms. L is well-travelled; she enjoyed gardening, was a whiz at crib and in later years took up fishing with her brother, Nick.

Ms. L moved to Extendicare in January 2007 where her quiet manner has endeared her to other residents in the facility. She still maintains a good spirit and a fine mind, Adeline says. She continues to enjoy visits from her family; including weekly visits from her brother and his wife. Her daughter and son-in-law make a special trip from BC two or three time a year to visit.

When asked by the Journal reporter how she felt about turning 100, Ms. L was short on words saying simply “It’s good”.

Good indeed – Happy 100th birthday Ms. L. Patricia Chychul, Adminstrator